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Get in the tropical paradise mood and indulge your senses by basking yourself in the white sand and warm waters of the Indian Ocean

Lay back, relax and unwind in the warm and cosy island. We’ve lined up the perfect hotels for you so that you can have the best holiday feel in the sunny islands.

Many of these paradise islands have not seen any human contact for hundreds and thousands of years, giving you the perfect opportunity indulge in your very own private island.

Looking for an extra special, unforgettable holiday? Our Royal Island holiday is the perfect way to kick start your dream holiday in the grand style!

Sand, sea and sunshine await your arrival. Lay back, relax and bask in the warm tropical sunshine to top-up your tan and start feeling the cool holiday vibes in the white sandy beaches.

Touch of Sri Lanka 3 nights. Touching the key destinations of the Island, on your short stay.

5 nights Glance at the beauty, enjoy the history & the culture of the country.

Taste the rich variety & perfect mix of ideal destinations. Taste of Sri Lanka 7 Nights

Explore the endless possibilities that would surpass all expectation. Explore Sri Lanka 9 Nights

Discover the true Sri Lankan way of life, Culture & Truly Paradise on Earth. Discover Sri Lanka 11 Nights

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